Monday, May 7, 2012

American Airlines Regrets Selling Lifetime AAir Passes

It's the dream of airline enthusiasts like myself to have unlimited air travel. Well, American Airlines made such dreams come true back in the 80s, but it came with a hefty price tag: $350,000.

The AAirpass allowed the lucky few who could afford it to fly with virtually no limits. Now American is regretting that decision because of AAirpass holders like Jacques Vroom. He estimates he has flown around 40 million miles. And American estimates he's costing the airlines millions in revenue each year.

American alleged that he sold his companion tickets to people he didn't even know, to destinations all around the world. Vroom maintained that he wasn't selling the seats, rather, they were paying for his business services (he worked as a direct-marketing consultant).

Vroom even used the massive amount of miles he earned to give to AIDs patients so they could visit their families.

American has sued Vroom, who has countersued American. The airline alleges fraud while Vroom maintains he did nothing wrong and the terms of his AAirpass said nothing about selling seats.

My little post here hasn't done this story justice. You can read the interesting and lengthy write-up in the LA Times.

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